【Video】LASBOS card 025

025_ダイダイオヨギヒモムシProtopelagonemertes beebei (Coe, 1936)
ICHUM 6146

   Nemerteans (ribbon worms), with about 1,200 species having been described around the world, are generally benthic, but about 100 species including this one are known to be pelagic in deep water column. Normally immobile with neutral buoyancy, but capable of active swimming, probably upon approach of prey and enemy. Although the feeding habit is unknown, it is speculated that they feed on small crustaceans and arrow worms. The photographed individual has been deposited as a voucher specimen with the catalogue number 6146 at the Invertebrate Collection of the Hokkaido University Museum.

学名:Protopelagonemertes beebei (Coe, 1936)