【Video】LASBOS card 002

002_メモリー式CTD Memory type CTDMemory type CTD

   CTD is an acronym for a Conductivity – Temperature – Depth and consists of sensors that measure conductivity (salinity), temperature, and pressure (water depth) in seawater. It is connected to the wire and dropped into seawater to measure the depth profiles of the water temperature and salinity. Oxygen, chlorophyll-a, and turbidity sensors can be attached to the CTD as an option. The observation data is memorized in the CTD system (memory type CTD). CTD data and other optional data are used to analyze the water structure, and chemical and biological structures of the ocean.

Conductivity Temperature Depth

 CTDとは、Conductivity – Temperature – Depthの頭文字を取ったもので、海水中の電気伝導度(塩分)、温度、圧力(水深)を測るセンサーで構成された装置です。観測ワイヤーに接続して海水中に投下し、水温と塩分を深さ方向に観測します。オプションとして酸素濃度、クロロフィルa濃度、濁度も測定します。これらのデータは海水の物理、化学、生物の特性把握や、流れの解析に用います。