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  • Report of the Short Training Course of Sustainable Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Leaders in Southeast Asia -Learning Satellite in Cambodia 2022-

    សួស្តី (Hello)
     As part of the Learning Satellite, a training program was held in Cambodia. 
    This was the first time in three years that the program was held due to the outbreak of COVID-19. 
    During the training, the participants communicated in English with students from RUA (Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia) and conducted fieldwork at many places. 
    Although the training was only for a short period of time, everything we saw, ate, and heard was fresh and meaningful. 
    We would like to express my gratitude to the teachers, RUA students, and Cambodian people who were kind to us during our fieldwork and at the stores for giving us this valuable experience. សូមអរគុណ (Thank you so much)
     សួស្តី (こんにちは) 
     សូមអរគុណ (ありがとうございます) 

  • What is Learning Satellite?


    Learning Satellite is an educational program through which Hokkaido University (HU) and its overseas partner universities offer courses around the world.

    We offer a variety of programs all over the globe that allow students at HU and overseas universities to learn together.

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