Topic outline

  • Experiment 1: Basic operation of laboratory equipment, volumetric analysis (measurement of dissolved oxygen) 【Teacher: OOKI】

    • Students will also learn to collect water from a Niskin water sampler in the student laboratory according to the water collection methods ① and ② in the playlist.

  • Experiment 2: Spectrophotometry (measurement of phosphate), Fluorescence spectrophotometry (measurement of chlorophyll-a) 【Teacher: YOSHIMURA】

    Students will learn spectrophotometry and fluorometry practically through the measurement of phosphate and chlorophyll-a, which are basic oceanographic observation parameters.


  • Experiment 3: Phytoplankton culture experiment【Teacher: KUDO】

  • Experiment 4: Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)【Teacher: NOMURA】

  • Experiment 5: Experiment of marine sediments collected during shipboard training Ⅰ【Teacher: OOKI】

  • Experiment 6: Determination of phosphate in seawater samples collected during shopboard training Ⅰ【Teacher: YOSHIMURA】

    Analyze phosphate in seawater collected during the shipboard training Ⅰ using the Oshoro-Maru to determine the vertical distribution of phosphate concentration in the on-site sea area.


  • Experiment 7: Survey of biota in Nanaehama Beach【Teacher: WADA, ISHIHARA】

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