Clicking on the tab "Download Bibliography" will take you from this Moodle page to the journal's page.

Articles marked "Open Access" (*) can be downloaded free of charge.

Even if the article is not marked "Open Access", it may be available for download through the network of an institution (e.g. university) that has a contract with the journal.


Even if you cannot download it, you can get an idea of what it is about by reading the abstract.

You can then ask for a copy through your university's library or obtain a bibliography for a fee.


* “Open Access” is an article that allows the publisher or author to publish the article for academic purposes only (and in some cases, for commercial purposes as well). Even in Open Access, the copyright remains with the author, so you must follow the rules of showing proper citation information and no modification. Open Access has several levels of restrictions, so care must be taken when citing and publishing copyrighted material.


Regarding citation of figures and illustrations: In some cases, it is permitted to cite figures from the author's own paper on the author's website (including this Moodle course). Therefore, please note that it may not be permitted to reproduce a figure on another website without permission, even if the figure is published in this Moodle course.

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