In the previous problem, we derived an equation for the percentage of each carbonic acid component to [DIC] at a given pH. Please prepare paper and pencil and transform the following equation to state [HCO3-] = (function of [DIC] and [H+])

Equation (1) [DIC] = [HCO3-] + [CO32-] + [H2CO3]      

Equation (3)   K1 = [HCO3-]・[H+]/[H2CO3

Equation (4)   K2 = [CO32-]・[H+]/[HCO3-

Equation (6)  [HCO3-]=     ~~        ←(function of [DIC] and [H+])

Substitute this into Equations (3) and (4),

Equation (7) [H2CO3]=     ~~        ←(function of [DIC] and [H+])

Equation (8) [CO32-]=      ~~        ←(function of [DIC] and [H+])

The result is as such.

The "~~" part should be determined by each of you and written on a piece of paper.

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