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    1st week OOKI Fundamentals of analytical chemistry I【Concentration of solution, Calibration curve】

    2ndweek  OOKI Fundamentals of analytical chemistry II and Fundamentals of physical chemistry I【Measured values (significant figures, errors), Chemical equilibrium】

    3rd week OOKI Fundamentals of physical chemistry II and Separation analysis【Chemical equilibrium, Chromatography】

    4th week YOSHIMURA Redox【Redox titration】and Photoanalysis【Absorption spectrophotometry, Fluorescence spectrophotometry】

    5th week YOSHIMURA Photoanalysis【Atomic absorption, ICP luminescence】and Seawater analysis I【Water sampling, Salinity, Dissolved oxygen】

    6th week YOSHIMURA Seawater analysis II【Plant pigments, Nutrients】and Sediment analysis【Sampling, Redox potential】

    7th week YOSHIMURA Environmental standard【Official Methods, Organic pollutants, Eutrophication causing substances】

    8th week YOSHIMURA Final exam (1 session preliminary)