Topic outline

  • Training of Marine ecology 1: Marine environment and phytoplankton

  • Goal

  • 1. Marine environment measurement, seawater sampling, phytoplankton sampling (work on board)

  • 2. Biomass of phytoplankton - measurement of chlorophyll a concentration

  • 3. Observation and identification of phytoplankton

    Observe under a microscope what kind of phytoplankton appears in the speculum samples collected by your group (about 1 hour).  Identify as many phytoplankton as possible in the sample. Using a plankton encyclopedia, etc., identify the species name if the species name is known, and Those that can only be identified up to higher taxa are identified up to that level. Record the results on the blackboard for each collection point.

    Based on the data, let's calculate the similarity of each observation point by calculating the Jaccard coefficient shown below, and then perform cluster analysis based on the similarity to create a dendrogram.

  • 4. Summary of results and reports

  • reference book

  • etc.

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