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    • Fishes are collected with small seine nets near the Hokkaido University Usujiri Fisheries Station in Usujiri-cho, Hakodate (located at the entrance to Funka Bay [Uchiura Bay]). As a result of continuous surveys using seine nets and set nets since 1967, more than 350 species of fishes have been reported from the waters around Usujiri. The species that live in this area are about 120 species, mainly benthopelagic fishes of subarctic waters including the families Cottidae, Stichaeidae, Scorpaenidae, Hexagrammidae, Pleuronectidae and Gadidae. In addition, there are migratory species that appear from summer to fall, when the warm currents have a strong influence, such as chub mackerel, bluefin tuna, spotlined sardine, Pacific saury, yellowtail, flying fish, black scraper, striped beakperch, halfbeak, and purple puffer.

  • Small seine net

  • Clinging jellyfish

    The clinging jellyfish, which is 1-2 cm in diameter, belongs to family Olindiidae, order Limnomedusae, class Hydrozoa, phylum Cnidaria. This species living among seaweeds is dangerous because this has cnidae which contain neurotoxin.

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