【Video】LASBOS card 006

Pleurogrammus azonus (Jordan and Metz, 1913).

It also inhabits the southern coast of Honshu Island, such as Mie Prefecture, a little, but mostly inhabits the northeast region and the coast of Hokkaido, Japan. Small-sized fishes are seemed to be everywhere at once and migrate, while large-sized fish become non-wondering in coastal reefs. The spawning season is around November, when males form territories on coastal rocks and induce females to lay eggs. Afterwards, the male does not eat in 50-60 days until the eggs hatch, but the female does not take care of the eggs. Females often prey on their eggs. Although the catch has been decreasing recently, the dried fish of this species is indispensable for taverns in Japan. Tasty.


学名: Pleurogrammus azonus (Jordan and Metz, 1913)