Topic outline

  • Teaching staff in charge

    KASAI Akihide Applied Marine Science Marine Environmental Science

  • Class Objectives

    1. Understand the environmental problems of the oceans and their factors

    2. Understand factors affecting primary production

    3. Understand the differences between terrestrial and marine ecosystems

    4. Understand the relationship between marine structure and ecosystems

  • Class plan

    1. Marine water pollution and environmental standards

    2. Marine environment and water pollution in the oceans around Japan

    3. Eutrophication and oligotrophication of the oceans

    4. Marine environment and primary production

    5. Characteristics of marine ecosystems and material cycles

    6. Ecosystem model of the oceans

  • Reference book

    Introduction to Fisheries Oceanography/Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography:Kodan-sha

    Dynamics of marine ecosystems Biological-Physical Interactions in the Oceans / K.H. Mann & J.R.N. Lazier: Blackwell Publishing